twiltye arts

19, illustration major, not yet at a four year school, wants to do storyboarding, too much of a wimp for animation proper, likes lots of webcomics, has a girlfriend, also plants
Some cool people

Oh no I’m having an idea and it’s distracting me from the other ideas im supposed to be ideaing

Sunday church was fine until around middle school.

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Every single novel and comic in my room is now on a bookshelf ;V: How long I have waited for this day.

Can’t say the same for all my old school junk and textbooks and informative stuff though.


I’m very behind on Inktober!! For a very good reason though!! I have a job now! A working adult yes that is me.

And I’ve been cleaning my room! It’s only getting messier as I work though!

I promise to get back to drawing monsters when my room becomes easier to navigate!

I know if you get like, paint or ink at the root of the brush it’s more likely to split, especially if it’s allowed to dry there. Otherwise I don’t know what it could be.

Yeah, and it’s like, nigh impossible to not get anything up there and it’s really hard to clean too. I don’t have the greatest history of taking care of brushes so maybe :/